Monday, March 14, 2011

Paddy's Day

It seems unremarkable to be in Ireland on Saint Patrick's day.  Maybe it's a bit like being in Philadelphia on the 4th of July or in Bethlehem at Christmas - kind of cool, but nothing to get too excited about.  In fact, as much as I'd like to one day visit the "holy lands", I tend to think that it will be underwhelming.  I've always been more interested in the events and meaning of history than I have been about the actual places history was made.

Of course Paddy's Day has developed into more of a day to celebrate all things Irish than about celebrating one of the earliest Christian missionaries to this island.  I'm not quite sure that Patrick would really understand what's going on if he were to be resurrected this Thursday.  He might even think that the long term fruits of his labors were not as bountiful as he would have hoped they would be.  At any rate, he would most certainly wish that Christ would receive the glory rather than himself.

 So although I'm not "stoked" about this Thursday, I do think it's kind of cool to be on the Emerald Island for Paddy's Day, 2011.  Who knows, I might have changed my tune by Friday morning.  I'll let you know. - Shay