Friday, June 1, 2012

Bound to Forget

As annoying as some of the events of Wednesday were, Thursday was far better.  I had a great chat with John Stephens at Dublin Central Mission before teaching my weekly ESL class.  I was then able to pop back home and get our car back to functionality.  Our two-doors-down neighbor caught me as I was leaving to go find a body repair shop and he gave me the card of a friend of his.  We can now shut our back door and it looks like the final repairs will be manageable and we can take care of them when we're back in Dublin.  Last night we had another one of our coffee shop Bible studies and it went really, really well.  The four of us devoured Luke chapter 7 and we're all hungry for more.  I'll miss meeting with this group over the next four weeks, but it gives me one of many things to look forward to when I get back.  Now, onto cleaning, packing, and forgetting  whatever it is I'm bound to forget to do today. - Shay