Wednesday, December 22, 2010


So Juli was doing a little shopping for a Christmas party we're throwing for our friends and neighbors and she discovered that she was 1 euro 76 short at the till (checkout).  The lady running the till told her, "Nah, sure you're fine.  I'll be working here 'till 2, just bring in the difference later."  When's the last time you were given an IOU at your local supermarket?  Can't remember?  I can't either.

Ireland's known for its friendliness and hospitality and this type of incident isn't uncommon here.  It's nice to know that in a world full of mistrust, cynicism, and dishonesty, that there are still a few people who will give you the benefit of the doubt.  By the way, while running a few errands in the village, I popped into Supervalu and paid the lady the difference.  I thought we better live up to our end of the bargain too! - Shay    

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  1. Pretty remarkable. I LOVE that....I do not like how cynical we have become. I long for the Little House on the Prairie days where neighbors were neighbors and trust and your word were the common notion of the day. Maybe if we all started acting like the cashier, more people would too!