Saturday, January 29, 2011

That's me.

It's not every day that you meet someone famous and it's certainly not every day that you run into someone that's infamous.  Juli, Ashlyn, my mom who flew into Ireland yesterday, and I were over at St. Anne's Park at the farmers market to grab a light lunch and say hello to some friends.  After purchasing our Lebanese wraps from one of the stalls, I glanced over to my right and had to do a double take.  Standing at the stall was Gerry Adams.

"Gerry Adams", I said.  "That's me", he replied.  You may not know who Gerry Adams is. Here's a link and I'll let you decide if Gerry would fall under the famous or infamous category.

After I introduced myself and shook his hand, Gerry noticed my American accent and inquired about how long we had been in Dublin.  "Is this your ba-ba?" he asked.  "What's her name?"  "Ashlyn", I said.  "Best of luck", he said before I joined Juli and my mom and let them know who I had just met.

So it wasn't quite Bono, and Gerry Adams has a mixed reputation in Ireland to say the least, but when you meet someone who's more or less world famous at a farmer's market, you have to at least shake their hand and introduce yourself. - Shay

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