Monday, February 6, 2012

A Song for the Season

Do you ever feel like a song sums you up?  I have and sometimes still do.  Like most teenagers, I really loved music, but also like most people (I assume) I've spent less money and less time on music as I've gotten older.  But when I'm in the mood, I'll let a song or several songs serve as the soundtrack to my life. 

Over the past year, my favorite album has been The Impossible Song and Other Songs by Roddy Woomble.  Roddy's the lead singer for a Scottish indie rock band called Idlewild.  I've seen them play live 5 or 6 times and own all of their records.  I once met Roddy at an independent record shop in Dallas.  His band was playing an acoustic set in the store before opening for Pearl Jam later that evening.  A few years back, Roddy began to release solo folk records in between Idlewild projects.  
His latest effort is fantastic and here are the lyrics to one of those tunes, Work Like You Can.

Work Like You Can 

Nothin’ll get lost if we work like we can
'Till the smell of the earth is warn into our hands
And I promise you somethin’ you’ll never get nowhere
If you only ask questions of love
Long ago people came to this town
To build their lives out of what they found
Now the times are ruined
And the dirt on the ground is mixed in with the ashes of love

And gather with others to work like you can
To live like you can
And gather with others to work like you can
To live like you can

You can keep your mouth shut better than I can
Accept and obey every law in this land
And when the wind blows your  wages right out of your hands
You accept that the wind doesn’t blow around love

Repeat Chorus

In spite of, in spite of money, position, and power
All  the important things I’m told we should be dreamin’ of
The seasons are fixed with the sun
Just like an old stone that will never be thrown
Soon the spring will come
Like a distant object of love
And the spring tides and neap tides
Bring a rhythm to the land
With the oil and the saw
We can work like we can
What you lack in ability you can gain pretty simply
Ignore the riches, the riches of love

You can catch a live performance of the song here:

- Shay  

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