Sunday, May 20, 2012

Transitions of Time

I find the concept of time quite interesting.  You can always look at it from a variety of different angles.  For instance, these past two years have gone by really, really fast for me (and yet we all know that these two years have been neither longer nor shorter than any other two years in history).  And yet, from another angle so many things have happened over these past twenty-four months, two years ago seems like a really, really long time ago. 

I've told a lot of people recently that I think our work here in Dublin is transitioning from one phase into another.  Most life transitions are slow processes not unlike the sky changing from orange, to pink, to purple, to black as the sun sets.  And then of course that leads to the dark of the night gradually giving way to the rising sun of a new day dawning.  I guess I'm not sure where we are in this phase.  We might be transitioning to the night or we might be ready to awaken to a brand new day.  Either way, I believe some very good things are coming to and end and some very new, but also very good things are ready to begin. - Shay

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