Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Is On Its Way

I love this time of year.  Who doesn't?  The weather here in Ireland, slowly, but surely, begins to get better.  The days begin to lengthen.  People begin to crawl out from under the dark heaviness of winter.  The trees begin to bud and the flowers begin to bloom.  Hope springs eternal.

But winter still likes to throw its weight around too.  I was doing some study in a coffee shop the other morning when the following words came to me.

Spring Is On Its Way

It's a damp day in Dublin - 
A nice little cry from the eyes in the sky;
Drops falling finely, not fiercely.
It's a wet and windy day,
Though spring is on its way,
The winter wonders, "Can't I just stay?"
And then sun again, well, that's Dublin!

I shared these words with Ashlyn this morning and she then made up a poem that I quickly jotted down.  We had celebrated a friend's birthday on Friday evening and then Ashlyn attended a little girl's birthday party yesterday.  I think these experiences inspired her words.

Look After

The mommies look after the children,
The daddies look after the mommies,
And then they say, "Surprise!" to the birthday.

Not bad for a 4 year old (even if I say so myself)! - Shay and Ashlyn 

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