Monday, July 28, 2014

The Vintage Time of Life?

Like most things in life, age is relative.  When we're really young, we think the young, but older than us crowd is sooo old.  When I was a teen, the mid 30s seemed like a time when people were really old and mature - fully grownup, fully adult.  I turned 37 yesterday and to misquote Garth Brooks, I'm much too old to feel this...young.  I do feel grown up, but I've come to realize that maturity is a relative, fluctuating, and multi-layered concept. 

One of the things we all discover over the years is that time flies and flies fast.  High School and even Middle School doesn't seem like that long ago.  College was practically yesterday.  Everything after has simply been a blur.  But overall, life, at least for me personally has continued to get better with age, not worse.  I'm not afraid of growing older, but I have come to accept the limitations that increased mileage has placed on my body.  I know, I know...just wait until I'm 50...60...70.

According to a 2013 British survey, age 37 seems to be the happiest time of life for a large percentage of men.  I can't think of too many ages that I would prefer to the past few years, so maybe I am peaking.  Is this the vintage time of life?  I don't think so.  I don't see any reason why life can't just keep getting better with age.  Either way, we only have today and I plan on making the most of it. - Shay   

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