Monday, January 18, 2016

The Subtle and Sure

We live in a society that more often than not values style over substance.  People in the 21st century spend an inordinate amount of time wading in the shallows of superficiality rather than delving into the depths of meaningful thought and conversation.  As a result, many lack the patience required to actually sit still and listen to a well thought out argument.  Undue credence is sometimes given to poorly formed ideas or erroneous information simply because it is presented in a dynamic or attractive manner.   
Throughout the Biblical narrative, God has often chosen people for positions of leadership who would be passed over by the rest of us.  The reason?  God values substance over style.  When Moses was called by God to deliver his people from Egypt, Moses initially tried to get out of the job, in part, because he felt he was inadequate as a speaker.  But God in his wisdom had been preparing Moses for this important task in a variety of other ways, most notably through his upbringing in Pharaoh’s household.  Paul was another, who, according to the Corinthians, lacked polish and presence.  Nevertheless, God spoke powerfully through him and our New Testament would be considerably smaller without his letters.  In a world where the bold and the brash steal the headlines, we would do well to search for the subtle and sure.  - Shay

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