Monday, February 15, 2016

The Word Made Flesh

From the very beginning, our God has been an incarnational God.  We see this most clearly in the Word becoming flesh and moving into our neighborhood, but even before (and after) this, God has been (and continues to be) and incarnational God.  God chooses to work through flawed, broken, short-sighted, selfish, sinful human beings.  He’s been a God who has worked through the ebbs and flows of human history.  He didn’t wait for us to get good enough to work through us, he has worked through us in spite of our imperfections. 

               When we come to the book of Judges, this is very apparent.  Even the most well-known, heroic judges, like Sampson, had less than stellar characters and lived morally ambiguous lives.  But God was at work anyway. 

               Because God chooses to work with pieces of work like you and me, it means that history and reality are full of tension, paradox, and even contradiction.  Faith isn’t about having all of the black and white answers fully mapped out, but trusting God with our entire selves, even when we can’t clearly read the map.  We walk by faith and not by sight.  But like history, God’s work in us is going somewhere.  History doesn’t repeat itself – in other words, it doesn’t travel in a circle, but in a line that has a destination and goal.  God works with us as we are, but he doesn’t intend to leave us that way.  As Romans 8 tells us, our final destiny is complete conformity to the image of his Son, the Word made flesh! - Shay

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