Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Poetry of Faith

I don't see life in black and white, that would be too dull.  I prefer to see life and all its complexities in a hundred shades of various colors; in different hues and tints.  It's far richer and warmer that way - brimming with hope and possibility.  But some of the colors are angry and some are depressing.  Some are so frustratingly difficult we may struggle to even identify them.  Due to the Scandinavian blood pulsing through my veins, in many areas of life I would prefer things to be neat and tidy.  But similar to the pictures Ashlyn brings home from school, life's colors run over the lines and the marks are rough and jagged - like so much modern art.  Faith doesn't remove one from all of life's chaos and contradictions, it engages life in the midst of all the mess.  Faith is much more like poetry than prose.  I began sketching the ideas for the following while sitting in a hospital in Germany back in November.

The Poetry of Faith

The poetry of faith...
Asking the inconvenient questions.
Not settling for the all-too-obvious answers,
Because not everything happens for a reason.
If it all made perfect sense, where would the sense of wonder be?
Is to lose that which you never knew still a loss?
For some things in life there should never be a season.
There's a place where free-will, love, and evil collide - 
...it's messy. 
 - Shay


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