Thursday, April 16, 2015

Walking Around the City

It's been a long wet winter, but suddenly Spring has sprung in Dublin over the last couple of weeks.  In my free time I've been walking around the city (and beyond), soaking up the sun.  I don't think its an accident that Easter/Passover happens each year as winter dies and summer draws ever-so-nearer.  The in-between time is simply gorgeous; full of hope, life, and dreams about the future.  About ten days ago I was due in Dundrum for a Bible study at 7:30, so I decided to walk from Raheny, rather than take the car or public transport.  I walked most of the way back too, nearly 20 miles total, and I would have walked 500 more if I had had the light and a slightly stronger right knee (my old school injuries sometimes come back to haunt me).  We have less than 75 days left in Dublin, but I plan to make the most of them in the meantime.  Here are some reflections from my walk the other day.

This Glorious Spring Day 

With the sun moving briskly towards its apex in the sky, I saunter down, the Howth road into town,
     taking a long-cut through the park to the Clontarf coast;
Near St. Anne's and the sea.
With glorious solar beams shining radiant rays - radiating smiles on faces, walking to and from 
A fair view through Fairview, a cut through Connally to the docks;
Descending on the city centre and then over to the canal.
Two Polish lads sipping Tyskie by the calm running water.
The leaves on the trees trying to bud - striving, yearning to bloom, churning towards eruption;
Not long to come.
Spring is bursting with life, oozing fertility.
The sun burning down on the well-worn path,
My feet treking to the cadence, to the beat of the music in my ears;
The wandering of my mind,
Not knowing what I'm searching for, not sure of what I'll find.  
Round the bend to Ranelagh, then down to Dundrum.
The Dublin Mountains inching ever closer with each foot, with each step taken.
I'm soaking up the sun - addicted to its rays like so much coffee, so much caffeine coursing through 
     my veins.
I don't want to stop - don't want to reign in my emotions;
Don't  want to put a full stop or a comma or a semi-colon on this glorious Spring day - 
Don't let it fade, don't let it go away... 
                                                                       - Shay 



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