Tuesday, March 15, 2016

David's Community of Faith

David was a man after God’s own heart and in many ways, he was the example of the man that many of us want to be.  He had cut his teeth as a shepherd, defending his father’s flock from bears and lions.  David was a valiant warrior who experienced military success after military success.  He was charismatic and handsome, and as scripture makes abundantly clear, he was a bit of a ladies’ man as well.  Though an outdoorsman, he was also a cultured artist.  He wrote poetry and played musical instruments - a warrior poet.  In short David was the guy the girls wanted to be with, and the guy the guys wanted to be!

But David was also a deeply flawed individual.  He failed as a husband, a father, and even as a king.  David’s story is a good reminder that none of us are perfect and all of us are in need of the grace of God.  And David’s story reminds us that none of us can do it alone.  Where would David have been without his mighty men?  How might David’s life have been worse had he not had the close companionship of Jonathan in his younger years?  David’s story may have ended up completely different had Nathan the prophet not confronted him about his sin in 2 Samuel 12.

 Men especially, but also women often try to do it all on their own.  But David’s life reminds us that we are all stronger together and none of us can faithfully walk with God without the aid of others.  We need  to seek out communities of faith where we can serve others, receive strength from their encouragement, and at times, be rebuked by their wise counsel.  It not only takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a village to live life faithfully. - Shay          

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