Monday, April 11, 2011

Beaten by a Basket

Way back in August I joined a Dublin men's league Basketball team.  We're Sutton, but we don't train or play in Sutton and no one on the team actually lives in Sutton.  But hey, the Dallas Cowboys don't play in Dallas either. 

Anyway, we finally finished our season this past Saturday as we were edged by 2 points in our semifinal with Inchicore (I think their team is actually from Inchicore).  It's been great to be welcomed onto the team by the other 12-13 guys who play.  Most of them have been playing ball together for nearly 20 years and I've not even known them 20 months.  I look forward to building a friendship with them over the next few years and I sincerely hope that we'll have the chance to share more than just a sport together.  Until then, we have a few pickup games lined up for the summer.  Should be fun. - Shay   

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