Monday, April 18, 2011

Small World, Small Church

Our friend Scott Karnes has a saying, "It's a small church."  I guess that's why were in Dublin trying to make it just a little bit bigger.  But sometimes its nice to be a part of a close-knit fellowship.  For instance, at last night's house worship we were blessed to be joined by Kara Dubose.  No one present had ever met Kara before, but she had learned of our group from a friend of a friend.  Kara went to ACU with Amanda McVey who had been in our youth group.  Amanda's mother, Margie passed on our details to Kara's boyfriend who passed them onto Kara.  Kara just happens to be spending a couple of months "gigging" around Ireland with her band and so she took time to join us for worship and wound up staying the night with Juli and me. 

We were also blessed to be graced with the presence of Dale and Vicki Hawley (Missions Resource Netowork) last night.  Dale and Vicki's son, Caleb (who also happens to have been on the most recent season of American Idol), had recently played a gig with Kara and her band.  Small world, or as Scott would say, small church.  Either way, our singing sure was good last night! - Shay

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